"LUX-LIUREX RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS" ow. Kornienko Alena (Ucraina)

Nice start of show career of my new guest
19-20.05.18 2xCAC+ Yorkshire terrier speciality Kiev, Ukraine 
Thanks a lot to honourable judges Alla Dernovaia (UA) , Sergei Slukin(UA) & Valentin Fedorov(BY) for the appreciation and nice words about Deni!
"LUX -LIUREX RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS" (male, interm class)
3x Exc,1! 3x CAC! 3x BOB! BOG-3!
(INT CH Crushing Winner Blue Delight x Royal Talisman Esprit De Luxe)
br: Liliana Cheroglo
ow: Алёна Корниенко
agent, photo : Алексей Зубенко
Special thanks for the help to Artem Novitskyi and Лена Иванашко for the wonderful bow!!!